Why Join EARSC?

Joining EARSC is a very efficient way of knowing the status of our industry, getting answers, and being active at defending the development of our business.

EARSC represents the European providers of geo-information services creating a network between industry, decision-makers and users. We consider that the market is at a crucial stage of development as Earth observation becomes more frequently used by society and adds positive value to our daily lives. Nevertheless, there are many issues, opportunities and threats facing industrial actors and, through a small secretariat, EARSC informs and involves its members though its website and newsletters, through the provision of web-tools, as well as organizing events.

Join a network of 125+ members from 23 different countries


Become a Member and join the growing network of companies who benefit from our services and add their voice to the EO Community in Europe.

EARSC has grown during the last few years to 102 members in 2018 spread all over Europe. EARSCMembership brings them many benefits. Our voice as the representative of the EO sector is listened to by the European institutions where that of individual companies will not be. Hence, the more members we have the more effective we can be in promoting the interests of the sector whether this be for future research programmes, EO data policy, market development activities, policies to support the industry or the implementation of the Copernicus programme etc. Together we are stronger.

The active participation of members in developing EARSCpositions and views to be promoted is always encouraged.

But companies also have many direct benefits from joining EARSC. Members are kept informed of news that may affect their business. We provide a monthly newsletter to members on our activities and a news service on what is happening globally that may affect the business of European companies. We organise meetings on important topics which allows members to learn about policy or market developments as well as to meet and exchange views. We are in almost daily contact with key stakeholders in the European Institutions in Brussels and policy makers in national capitals and publish several position papers every year.

By joining EARSC you will enjoy a number of benefits:

Political representation and access to policy makers
Promotion of your services and products
Participation to events and workshops

Use EARSC for Business development

Raise your voice in the Earth Observation policy sphere


EARSC Membership gives you the opportunity to add your voice to the issues that matter, influencing European policy and setting industry standards.

Please see the table below for details on the different types, benefits and costs of membership.

Profile Employees in EO and geo-information Yearly Fees
Small, new companies  5 or less employees 1st year €250 / 2nd year €500 / 3rd year €825
Small companies <10 employees €825
Medium Companies 11-50 employees €1.650
Large Companies >51 employees €2.750
Observer €1.100


1. Please fill in the application forum bellow. If you are a small company that has existed for less then 5 years, you can benefits from our a special free trial membership scheme. See below for the procedure.

2. An EARC staff member will get in touch with you and you will be asked to provide EARSC with a short signed letter explaining why you wish to join EARSC and that you agree with thestatutes.

3. Once we have received the documents, they will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for final approval.

For any question feel free to contact Marion Bouvet: marion.bouvet@earsc.org

Special offer for Small companies created in the last 5 years:

EARSC offers 6 months free membership to small European companies created in the last 5 years if they fill in our survey.


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